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Buying Yachts

Go beyond the dream.


What to consider before buying?

  • Because ownership is the gateway to your private universe where every detail is in your control anywhere in the world…but most of all because you can.

  • A yacht, to us, is a conduit to joy, a weaver of cherished memories, and a catalyst for extraordinary escapades. Beyond the superficial features and aesthetics, our quest for the perfect superyacht delves deeper, seeking something truly exceptional. Our aim isn’t solely to match your lifestyle but to discover a vessel that can give you an unparalleled sense of fulfillment and adventure. Here at Yachtify we wont rest until the match is perfect.

  • New builds have teething issues but much like a beloved newborn the reward is in seeing them grow. During yacht building process you have control over the design and features, and for new owners there’s something indescribably unique about taking a custom yacht to the water for the first time.
    Pre Owned yachts have proven their worth and come with an experienced and trustworthy crew. If you’re looking for a turnkey solution, a pre-owned yacht is to be considered. Where does the adventure start for you?

  • For many, buying or selling a yacht is a voyage into the unknown. Whether it’s the vessel’s technical, mechanical or structural viability, its classification, flag and related statutory requirements or maintenance and operational budgets, these are just some questions to consider when appraising the asset. The right broker will understand the risks and empower you to mitigate them and make informed decisions.


What to consider before selling?

  • Yacht brokers provide expert industry advice on sales and marketing strategies. They appraise your yacht, define a marketing plan and draw up legal documents. Most importantly they identify potentials buyers and represent you in the negotiations. The power of a broker’s network is crucial for a successfull sale. In addition, upholding industry standards of practice and ethics form part of their reputation and long term success. If you are looking for trustworthy information and personalized service, we will be delighted to be your trusted advisor throughout the sale process.

  • At Yachtify, we recognize the significance of preserving your investment’s value and ensuring a swift, discreet sale. Our team of brokers brings extensive expertise in selling numerous distinguished yachts, whether through public or private channels. Operating on a smaller scale, ensuring personalized attention and the service you genuinely desire we’ll provide the right guidance.

  • As the adage goes ‘once a yachtowner, always a yachtowner’. A sale typically leads to the next connundrum: own again or charter in the meantime? Chartering is a way to discover your next potential yacht and to refine your needs and preferences. Find out how YACHTIFY can assist you on this journey.