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How to charter a yacht?

  • Chartering means freedom: it offers a carefree way to experience life on any type of yacht in any location worldwide without the logistical challenge…whether you seek adventure in the remote waters of the NorthWest Passage or exclusive access to the most secluded spots of the Mediterranean, chartering gives you the means to match your dreams with the perfect holiday. Charter yachts are certified, professionally managed vessels, their experienced crew are responsible for your safety and take care of your concierge needs during your stay onboard. Our shorebased team is there to guide you in your choice of yacht and destination.

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  • Yachtify offers a selection of unique motor and sailing yachts. Planning starts by defining the destination and season when the charter will take place. After checking the yachts availability in the chosen period and destination, preference and budget are determined. Besides the charter fee, it is important to consider the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) and delivery fees in case the cruising is planned outside of the usual cruising area of your choosen yacht. Contact us today to start planning your next yachting holiday.

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  • Once you have an idea of the destination and dates we will suggest the yacht, itinerary and activities to match your wishes. Onboard you will also discover a whole new world of possibilities: watersports with qualified instructors, water toys, entertaiment, wellness treatments, or just “dolce far niente” enjoying the views with your favourite book and music.

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