Yacht owners and managers choose us for our high quality candidates, rigorous vetting and fair price.


MLC Certified Placement Service

We do the hard graft for you without charging a salary based fee

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Hand picked CVs

We shortlist candidates according to your brief


Vetted crew only

We pre-interview candidates for comptence and onboard culture


Advertise jobs anonymously

Your privacy is protected


Quick turnaround

Save time on every hire, for every position irrespective of department or rank


Flexible pricing

Cap your costs with a pricing plan tailored to your hiring frequency


Our Services

We’ll provide you with a 
careful selection of pre-screened, pre-interviewed candidates fitting your requirements.

  • First impressions matter: by tender or on the gangway your Deck Crew are the first to greet your guests. Well mannered, experienced and motivated our candidates come with an additional set of skills: personal trainers, watersports instructors or spa therapist they make your guests welcome, safe and entertained.

  • Discrete yet effective and with a touch of glamour the interior team is critical to the wellbeing of your guests. Wether you need a silver service or flower display trained stewardess’, fine dining chef, barista or wine specialist, 7 star trained housekeeper or laundry master we provide you with comitted professionals from junior to senior level.

  • Choosing the right engine room team is critical not just for the yacht’s operations but also for the safety of your guests, crew and the preservation of your asset. We select candidates with longevity that have the certificates of comptence to meet your statutory requirements for safe manning and technical experise. Our Engineers have attended the most prestigious maritime academies. They often come from a commercial/cruise ship background where they have been trained to the highest industry standards making them the most reliable candidates to operate and maintain your vessel.

  • Typically the owner or his representative is more involved in the search & selection of the Captain. Beyond being reponsible for the preservation of the yacht and the lives of the passengers, the Captain is the custodian of the owner’s spirit onboard. Before putting anyone forward, we work closely with you to determine the type of character and personality that is needed. Beyond that we have the long standing experience and wide ranging network to privately source Masters that not only match your technical requirements but most importantly have the personality to meet the owner’s preferences.

  • Former yacht crew and hospitality professionals ready to join your estate. From Butlers to Property Managers, we provide the candidates with the proven longivety and remarkable knowledge to complement your team. Nannies, drivers, hairstylists, beauticians, spa & massage therapists, the choice is yours.

Flexible pricing

Yachtify’s simple pricing plans scale with your hiring needs

  • For yachts with unpredictable hiring patterns
  • 3 positions filled anytime within a season (6months)
  • For yachts up to 80m
  • 8 positions filled anytime within a year
  • For yachts as from 80m
  • Unlimited number of positions filled anytime within a year

Subscription packages

Subscription packages consist of a single flat fee to fill a fixed number of positions irrespective of department or rank. Our clients are increasingly adopting this pricing model because it generates significant savings as from the second hire offering the best value for money in the market.

Pick your package according to the frequency and predictability of your annual hiring patterns.

For each vacancy included in your package we:

  1. Shortlist candidates in line with the requirements you set
  2. Conduct pre – screening interviews with each candidate we shortlist
  3. Send you the CVs of those who make it through this process until you fill each vacancy.


Prefer traditional placement pricing or need further information? Contact Us and a member of our team will get back to you during Yachitfy office hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm Continental European Time



Yachtify send us relevant CVs that are in line with our brief. Gone are the days of wading through countless emails looking for that elusive candidate and their tailored packages have saved us thousands in agency fees. My only regret is that we did not hear of their crew placement services sooner.

Captain, private 96 m LOA